Across this Country, there are excellent women and men who are doing their part in extending their hearts and skills and knowledge to those that may need some of those. Ron is a guy that helps through what his talents are, including music and leading the songs throughout the unconventional gathering at 1269 Cafe in NH.
“Us versus Them …THOSE people…Ewww- Don’t Touch!…” We may not say it, but our actions, and the way we condone the disgraceful way the civil rights are disregarded for those without shelter says it all.

Fr. Damien cared for lepers in Molokai in the late 1800′s, isolating people when it was thought there would be an outbreak of the illness. We know now that 95% of the entire population had immunity to the disease of leprosy.

Japanese internment camps isolated “those” people, even though they were as American as any North European families. When will we get over “Them versus Us” and instead of judging others, stepping UP when the need is there, and committing to doing the right thing?

It is NOT “Us versus Them” – we ALL have the potential to be vulnerable. We want a Community that will be there to help us when we may inevitably trip along the way- whether through a vehicle accident, an illness, a war, homelessness, or just plain Life sometimes.

Fear of those who have perceived “safety/ security” is often the barrier to having them cross over to helping others. Like leprosy, they fear, they may “get” the disease of being vulnerable.

Then they might have to feel human, I guess!

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